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ADR Chambers International ADR Chambers International (?ADRCI?) is a leading Canadian organization that specializes in International Arbitration and Mediation through the use of the UNCITRAL Arbitration Rules. The mandate of ADRCI is to provide a single cost effective Canadian source for all types of international dispute resolution, including formal international arbitration, mediation, med-arb or other hybrid systems of dispute resolution. It is associated with ADR Chambers and ADR Chambers UK.

Global Center for Dispute Resolution Research (The)

Site of organisation which sponsors research in alternative dispute resolution  methods throughout the world, particularly in the area of cross-border commerce.

Hague Permanent Court of Arbitration (The)

The PCA is an international organisation formed by treaty in 1899. Its rules of procedure are based on the UNCITRAL Arbitration Rules. The PCA administers arbitration, conciliation and fact finding in disputes involving various combinations of states, private parties and intergovernmental organizations. 
International Bar Association - Mediation and Conciliation Committee The Mediation Committee focuses on laws, practices and procedures relating to the mediation, conciliation, and negotiation of transnational disputes, as well as other alternative dispute resolution processes. The Committee seeks to advance the information available to the international legal community about such processes and techniques for implementing them, to contribute to the development of improved practices and ethical standards in the field, and to draw attention to legal developments and problems relating to mediation and ADR.

International Center for the Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID)

The International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID) was formed in 1966 to facilitate the settlement of investment disputes between governments and foreign investors. ICSID is an autonomous international organization with close links with the World Bank.  ICSID provides facilities for the conciliation and arbitration of disputes between member countries and investors who qualify as nationals of other member countries. Recourse to ICSID conciliation and arbitration is entirely voluntary. 

International Chamber of Commerce

In the dispute resolution world the ICC is better known for its administered international arbitration scheme. However, its ADR Rules were launched in 2001. Site includes rules and other documents.

Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (The)

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) is a non-profit, private-sector corporation formed by a broad coalition of the Internet's business, technical, academic, and user communities. ICANN has a "Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy" to deal with such disputes which are adopted by many other internet name registrars and also Dispute Resolution Rules.

London Court of International Arbitration (LCIA) (The)

The LCIA is the longest-established of all the major international institutions for commercial dispute resolution. Although based in London, the LCIA is an international institution. It administers dispute resolution proceedings for all parties, regardless of their location, and under any system of law. The LCIA has a set of mediation rules.

Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe

The Court of Conciliation and Arbitration of the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe was established in 1992, to settle disputes submitted to it by States Parties to the Convention on Conciliation and Arbitration within the OSCE. The Court is based in Geneva. Any dispute between State Parties may be submitted, unilaterally or jointly, to the Conciliation Commission. It is not a permanent body but a roster of conciliators and arbitrators - only when a dispute is submitted is an ad hoc Conciliation Commission or Arbitral Tribunal established.

United Nations Commission on International Trade Law (UNCITRAL)

The United Nations Commission on International Trade Law (UNCITRAL) is the core legal body within the United Nations system in the field of international trade law. UNCITRAL is tasked by the General Assembly to further the progressive harmonization and unification of the law of international trade. In 1980 the UN adopted a set of Conciliation Rules and in 2002 it promulgated a Model Conciliation Law with a Guide to Enactment.

World Intellectual Property Organisation

The site of the WIPO Arbitration and Mediation Center. Based in Geneva, Switzerland, WIPO offers ADR for the resolution of international commercial disputes in the fields of technology, entertainment and other disputes involving intellectual property. Site includes rules and other documents.

World Trade Organization Section on Dispute Settlement

The WTO oversees the dispute settlement system of the GATT, but since the decisions of panels are no longer dependent upon the consent of the parties to a dispute, the process is ultimately not one of mediation or conciliation. However, the Uruguay Round Understanding on Rules and Procedures Governing the Settlement of Disputes (DSU)  emphasizes the importance of consultations in securing dispute resolution, requiring a Member to enter into consultations within 30 days of a request for consultations from another Member. If after 60 days from the request for consultations there is no settlement, the complaining party may request the establishment of a panel. Where consultations are denied, the complaining party may move directly to request a panel. The parties may voluntarily agree to follow alternative means of dispute settlement, including good offices, conciliation, mediation and arbitration.


Arbitration Centre for .eu Disputes The alternative dispute resolution (ADR) for .eu domain name disputes is provided by the Prague-based Arbitration Court attached to the Economic Chamber of the Czech Republic and Agricultural Chamber of the Czech Republic (the ?Czech Arbitration Court?). The Czech Arbitration Court administers ADR Proceedings according to ADR Rules and ADR Supplemental Rules, and in line with the Public Policy Rules for .eu of the European Commission (EC Regulation 784/2004).

Association of Balkan Chambers (The) (ABC)

The website of the Association of Balkan Chambers of Commerce. Contains links to constituent chambers which have mediation schemes.

Commercial Arbitration and Mediation Centre of the Americas (The) (CAMCA) 

CAMCA was founded in December of 1995, by four leading national institutions in North America: The American Arbitration Association; The British Columbia International Commercial Arbitration Centre; The Mexico City National Chamber of Commerce; and The Quebec National and International Commercial Arbitration Centre.

Free Trade Area of the Americas (The) (FTAA)

The official web site of the FTAA has a dispute resolution section.
EuroMed Web site devoted to tracking mediation initiatives of the European Community.

SICE Foreign Trade Information System

Links to international dispute resolution mechanisms in the Western hemisphere


Australian Centre for International Arbitration (The)

ACICA offers mediation administrative services for international mediations, including recommendations and/or appointments of experienced international mediators, collection of fees and holding of a security deposit. ACICA recommends the use of the UNCITRAL Conciliation Rules.

Australian Commercial Disputes Centre

ACDC was established in 1986 to advance the practice and quality of ADR services in Australia. It manages mediations and assists in the appointment of mediators.
Bond University - Dispute Resolution Centre The Dispute Resolution Centre was established in 1989 and has a national reputation in training, teaching, research and mediation practice. It is based in the Faculty of Law at Bond University and has an inter-disciplinary focus.

IAMA - Institute of Arbitrators and Mediators Australia

Major arbitration provider in Australia

International Legal Services Advisory Council

ILSAC is a part-time advisory body which reports to the Attorney-General on matters relevant to Australia's international performance in legal and related services. Its brief includes contributing to the development of Australia's reputation in ICDR/ADR skills and services in the Asia-Pacific region and internationally.


LEADR is an Australasian organisation formed in 1989 to serve the community by promoting and facilitating the use of  ADR. LEADR is a source of mediators for the business, legal and broad community sectors.

National Alternative Dispute Resolution Advisory Council

NADRAC is an independent body which advises the Commonwealth Attorney-General on the development of high quality, economic and efficient ways of resolving disputes without the need for a judicial decision. The site contains guidance and links.

Anwaltliche Vereinigung f? Mediation und kooperatives Verhandeln (AVM) Anwaltliche Vereinigung f? Mediation und kooperatives Verhandeln (AVM)  is the main point of contact with mediators in Austria. It provides a seminar and an intensive education program for mediators.
International Arbitral Centre of the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber

Conciliation Rules - Translation from the authentic German text



Gulf Co-operation Council Commercial Arbitration Centre 

GCC is the Gulf Co-Operation Council - and the Centre is in Bahrain
Superjob Belarusian Chamber of Commerce and Industry



Belgian Centre for the Study and Practice of National and International Arbitration - Includes mediation rules.


Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (The)

The Chamber has a set of rules for Conciliation within the Court of Arbitration at the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.


ADR Chambers ADR Chambers, is an alternative dispute resolution group whose members are retired Judges and Senior Counsel and other dispute resolution experts. It is linked to ADR Chambers International and ADR Chambers UK.

ADR Institute of Canada

The ADR Institute of Canada (ADR Canada), a national, non-profit organization, provides national leadership in the development and promotion of dispute resolution services in Canada. In concert with their seven regional affiliates, they represent and support professionals who provide dispute resolution services and the individuals and organizations that use those services.


The ADR Centres have been providing a full range of dispute resolution services since 1990, becoming the largest private sector service provider of dispute resolution services in British Columbia. There are presently 7 offices throughout the lower mainland, which are specifically equipped to conduct mediations and arbitrations. These Centres look after all the administration, provision of  trained mediators and arbitrators, facilities, and an atmosphere that is conducive to settlement. The Centres provide service throughout B.C., Alberta and Washington State.
Alberta Arbitration & Mediation Society Promotes appropriate conflict management and provides excellence in educational and dispute resolution services for the public
Arbitration & Mediation Institute of Manitoba AMIM is a public service, non-profit, non-governmental organization which provides the public with the means of resolving disputes of all kinds through arbitration, mediation and other methods, and acts as a regional centre of information, education and research
Arbitration and Mediation Institute of Ontario The Arbitration and Mediation and Institute of Ontario Inc. is the largest affiliate of The Arbitration and Mediation Institute of Canada Inc. (AMIC).
British Columbia Arbitration and Mediation Institute The Institute was incorporated in March 1980. Its name was changed in March 1988 to British Columbia Arbitration and Mediation Institute

British Columbia International Commercial Arbitration Centre

The site of the BC International Commercial Arbitration Centre, which appoints mediators and administers mediations.

Canadian Foundation for Dispute Resolution (The)

CFDR is now a wholly-owned subsidiary of the ADR Institute of Canada, Inc.
Information on this website is pre-merger and for historical reference, but it contains much useful information.

Santiago Chamber of Commerce

The Santiago Chamber of Commerce created the Santiago Arbitration and Mediation Center in 1992 (CAM Santiago). In 1998, Cam Santiago incorporated mediation as a new mechanism of commercial dispute resolution.

Czech Republic  
Arbitration Centre for .eu Disputes The alternative dispute resolution (ADR) for .eu domain name disputes is provided by the Prague-based Arbitration Court attached to the Economic Chamber of the Czech Republic and Agricultural Chamber of the Czech Republic (the ?Czech Arbitration Court?). The Czech Arbitration Court administers ADR Proceedings according to ADR Rules and ADR Supplemental Rules, and in line with the Public Policy Rules for .eu of the European Commission (EC Regulation 784/2004).
The Danish Institute of Arbitration

The Danish Institute of Arbitration ("Danish Arbitration") provides dispute resolution for disputes arising out of commercial contracts by means of arbitration or voluntary mediation. The website contains detailed information on Danish Arbitration and the rules governing the organisation and its activities. This link is to the mediation rules.



The Cairo Regional Center for International Commercial Arbitration (The)

The Mediation and ADR Centre is a branch of the Cairo Regional Centre for International Commercial Arbitration. It was established on August 2001 to administer mediation and other peaceful non-binding means of avoiding and settling trade and investment disputes. Mediation is administered either in accordance with the Rules of the Centre issued in 1990 or according to the Rules of Conciliation of 1980 issued by UNCITRAL.


La Conciliation, La M?iation et l'Arbitrage

Web pages provided by Serge Braudo, Conseiller Honoraire ?la Cour d'Appel de Versailles. Contains a detailed account of ADR in France. In French.


CAREN is an international Court of arbitration set up at Lille, France,  by lawyers but with the support of the business community. It administers a mediation scheme as well as arbitration. Can be viewed in English.

Deutsche Institution f? Schiedsgerichtsbarkeit (DIS)

DIS is the well known German arbitration institution. The DIS Mediation/Conciliation Rules came into force as from January 1, 2002


Hong Kong

Hong Kong Mediation Council

The Hong Kong Mediation Council (HKMC) was set up within Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre (HKIAC) in January 1994 to promote the development and use of mediation as a method of resolving disputes. The HKMC is a division of the HKIAC and was previously known as the Mediation Group.


Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre



FACT, headquartered at New Delhi, has facilities for conduct of arbitrations and conciliations in major commercial centres of India. Site contains Rules of Conciliation and Indian Arbitration and Conciliation Act 1996.


The Indian Council of Arbitration includes mediation and conciliation among its interests.

Indian Institute of Arbitration & Mediation

IIAM provide facilities for alternative dispute resolution (ADR), which includes international and domestic commercial arbitration and mediation/ conciliation and maintains a panel of arbitrators and mediators for arbitration and mediation/ conciliation.


Chamber of Commerce of Macedonia

Rules 47 - 51 of the Rules of Foreign Trade Court of Arbitration provide for mediation.


Kuala Lumpur Regional Centre for Arbitration

The Rules for conciliation/mediation under the auspices of the Centre incorporate many of the provisions of the UNCITRAL Conciliation Rules. The Centre offers facilities and assistance for the conduct of conciliation/mediation proceedings.

Arbitration Center of Mexico (The) The Arbitration Center of Mexico (CAM) offers the appointment of experts and members of dispute resolution boards.
The Union of the Mediation Centers in Romania The Union of the Mediation Centers in Romania aims at: promoting, supporting, studying and practicing mediation, as well as making it popular in Romania through a better understanding of the mediation procedure, ensuring the material and finacial support necessary to sustain the mediation activity.


Foreign Trade Court of Arbitration
at the Serbian Chamber of Commerce

At the parties? request, the Foreign Trade Court of Arbitration conducts conciliation proceedings in cases that may fall within its jurisdiction, irrespective of whether its jurisdiction has been stipulated in an arbitration agreement.


Singapore Mediation Centre

If a dispute is not resolved at a mediation at the Singapore Mediation Centre and the parties proceed to litigate the matter, they may apply for a waiver of court hearing fees from either the Supreme Court or the Subordinate Courts (where hearing fees are applicable). The waiver is available only if the matter is mediated at the Singapore Mediation Centre. The SMC is supported by the Supreme Court, Subordinate Courts, the Singapore Academy of Law and its numerous institutional partners from both the private and public sectors.




SCC Institute

The SCC (Stockholm Chamber of Commerce) Mediation Institute was established in 1999 to assist in the settlement of domestic and International disputes in accordance with the SCC Mediation Rules.


The Geneva Chamber of Commerce and Industry

The Chambre de commerce et d'industrie de Gen?e web site.

United Kingdom

Academy of Experts

Through the Faculty of Mediation & ADR the Academy of Experts has been providing Mediation Training since the early 90's. Its Register of Qualified Dispute Resolvers is available on-line.


Arbitration Conciliation Advisory Service. Although ACAS offers many services in connection with employment relationships, its dispute resolution service is probably its best known.

ACI (A Commercial Initiative for Dispute Resolution)

ACI provides an administered commercial dispute resolution service with a panel of commercial lawyer arbitrators and mediators specialising in commercial disputes. It offers a range of dispute resolution schemes, including arbitration, mediation, early neutral evaluation and mini-trials.

ADR Chambers (UK) Limited

ADR Chambers (UK) Limited - known as ?ADR Chambers? - is the UK arm of a worldwide alternative dispute resolution group, ADR Chambers Inc. Established in this country in 1999 to support Lord Woolf?s reforms ADR Chambers is based on a judicial panel of retired Law Lords, Lords Justices, High Court, Circuit and other retired Judges. ADR Chambers operates a specialist panel of practising Barristers and Solicitors who are trained mediators, arbitrators or neutral evaluators.

ADR Group

ADR Group is the longest established nationwide provider of alternative dispute resolution ('ADR') services. Its panel consists of qualified professionals.
ADR Now The ADRnow website, run by the Advice Services Alliance (ASA), the umbrella body for independent advice services in the UK. The aim of the website is to provide independent information about a wide range of ADR options, so that advisers and the general public can make an informed decision about how best to resolve a dispute. ADRnow do not provide a mediation or ADR service themselves.
Association of Midland Mediators Refers parties to members to act as mediators.

Association of Northern Mediators (The)

The Association of Northern Mediators exists to promote the use of mediation to resolve civil and commercial disputes throughout the North of England. It provides, at no cost, lists of Mediators divided up into local groupings. Mediators are chosen by the parties, not the Association. There are no appointment fees and an advice line gives impartial information on how mediation works.

Richard Butler Commercial Mediator specialising in property disputes and a legal skills trainer. Professor of Dispute Resolution. Mediation training.


CEDR, the Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution, is an independent non-profit organisation supported by multinational business and leading professional bodies and public-sector organisations. It was launched in 1990 with the support of The Confederation of British Industry. Perhaps the leading mediation body in the UK.

Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (The)

The Dispute Resolution Services (DRS) section of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, DRS deals in all forms of alternative dispute resolution and is experienced in offering arbitration, conciliation, mediation and adjudication services, and other forms of ADR as requested by parties.

City Disputes Panel

The City Disputes Panel is a leading provider of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) services that are tailored to meet the needs of the financial services industry, commercial corporations and all who do business with them, in the UK and internationally.
Civil Justice Council's ADR Site Described as the ADR Answerback, the website has been designed to provide information about key developments relating to ADR, as well as give the public the chance to ask them about what is happening.

Claim Room (The)

Online mediation service

Consensus Mediation

Consensus Mediation provides commercial mediation and other alternative dispute resolution services to businesses, individuals, their solicitors and advisors. Their panels of commercial and workplace mediators are available throughout England, Scotland and Wales.

Construction Contracts Mediators' Group (CCMG)

CCMG provide access to a group of mediators who specialise in construction contract disputes.


eSettle is an independent, negotiating forum that facilitates the settlement of almost any type of dispute. Their secure, password protected site, enables both parties to make multiple settlement offers that remain completely confidential unless and until both offers are mutually acceptable. The confidential nature of the offers means that neither party need fear revealing their hand or placing a floor or ceiling on the amount in question.

Global Mediation Ltd

Global Mediation was established to meet the growing demand for mediation and dispute resolution services. They aim to provide a world-class mediation service and to be a market leader in the provision of mediation services in the United Kingdom.

Independent Housing Ombudsman

The Independent Housing Ombudsman Scheme deals with disputes between landlords and tenants in England. The Scheme was established under the Housing Act 1996 with jurisdiction over more than 2,000 landlords.

In Place of Strife

In Place of Strife operates an independent panel of highly experienced and distinguished commercial mediators.


IM, based in the Kent area, has over 100 panel mediators drawn from a variety of professional and business backgrounds.
Lancashire Family Mediation Service Offer confidential help and mediation to families, young people and children suffering a conflict in their family. They help to achieve agreement between couples, at every stage of separation or divorce where children, property or finances are involved. Very professional newsletters.

Law Society - Civil/Commercial Mediation


Law Society - Family Mediation

The Law Society is the professional body for solicitors in England and Wales. It administers two panels of mediators - civil/commercial and family - and has detailed codes of conduct for solicitor mediators. It's ADR Committee represents the profession in ADR matters.


MATA (Mediation And Training Alternatives) was formed in January 2002 with the purpose of creating a community-based business that is centred on commercial mediation, both in practice and in training, and was also person-driven rather than profit-driven. Central to MATA's aims is the practice and training of people in dispute avoidance and in the positive approaches to conflict; and if problems do escalate into disputes, to manage and resolve the disputes quickly and cost-effectively without going to court.
Mediate First Mediate First specialise in the delivery of low risk, cost-effective mediation services to Public & Private sector organisations. With a multi-disciplinary team of professionally qualified Mediators, with backgrounds in Accountancy, Employment, Engineering, Health and Law, Mediate First is able to offer a broad range of mediation services, for all types of disputes.
Mediation UK Mediation UK is a national voluntary organisation dedicated to developing constructive means of resolving conflicts in communities.
Mediators in East Anglia MiEA is a non-profit making regional organisation of qualified mediators and ADR professionals throughout Cambridgeshire, Essex, Lincolnshire, Norfolk and Suffolk. Individual members offer their dispute resolution services for a fee (and in certain cases pro bono - without charge) to the public and to businesses, accepting both private and court referrals.

Online Dispute Resolution (ODR)

A section devoted to ODR of the website run by Delia Venables.
Regents College The School of Psychotherapy and Counselling at Regent?s College offers an innovative ADR programme specifically designed to develop the particular skills and methods required for successful mediation, conflict resolution and conflict avoidance.
Resolve Resolve is a Christian Mediation and Arbitration Service which exists to encourage and assist Christians to respond to conflict in a biblical manner.

Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors

RICS is a global professional body that represents, regulates and promotes chartered surveyors and technical surveyors. RICS is an independent, not-for-profit organisation. It has a dispute resolution panel.
UK College of Family Mediators The UK College of Family Mediators sets training (as well as practice) standards for family mediators in the UK.
Workplace Mediation UK PMR Ltd, an independent company and describes itself as dynamic and one of the UK's leading specialists in the field of workplace mediation. It claims to have been the first to develop an accredited training in mediation for the workplace. It provides mediation services throughout the UK.

United States

Association for Conflict Resolution (The) The Association for Conflict Resolution is a professional organization dedicated to enhancing the practice and public understanding of conflict resolution.
Consulting & Conciliation Service CCS is not strictly a mediation site because its goal is to provide an atmosphere of acceptance and tolerance for the uncertainty that conflict presents, as well as personal guidance to individuals in learning to manage conflict without the use of third party intervention.

CPR Institute for Dispute Resolution

Founded in 1979 as the Center for Public Resources, CPR's mission is "to spearhead innovation and promote excellence in public and private dispute resolution, and to serve as a primary multinational resource for avoidance, management and resolution of business-related and other disputes." 

An excellent ADR resource.

Dispute Resolution Board Foundation (DRBF)

Web site of the Dispute Resolution Board Foundation, USA. The Dispute Resolution Board Foundation is a not-for-profit organization of all types of construction industry professionals involved in promoting the avoidance and resolution of construction disputes through use of Dispute Resolution Boards.

Dispute Resolution Specialists

Dispute Resolution Specialists, founded in 1993 by R. Michael Kasperzak, Jr. A provider of ADR services

JAMS Washington DC

Major US ADR service providers Large mediation resource. is a directory of mediation, conciliation and ADR experts.
Mediation Training Institute International Describes itself as the world's leading provider of open-enrollment training and certification in workplace conflict management and mediation.

A large resource from, which describes itself as the foremost provider of training, certification, and consulting in workplace conflict management.

National Arbitration Forum

Since 1986, the National Arbitration Forum has been a neutral administrator of arbitration, mediation and other forms of alternative dispute resolution (ADR). The Forum's mission is to provide superior dispute resolution services to parties seeking an alternative to litigation.
National Association For Community Mediation Supports the maintenance and growth of community-based mediation programs and processes.

National Mediation Academy Inc

The National Mediation Academy, Inc. Their basic mediation courses are designed to prepare mediators to participate in court-appointed mediation programs in the state of Texas.

Peacemaker Ministries Peacemaker Ministries was founded in 1982 by a group of pastors, lawyers, and business people who wanted to encourage and assist Christians to respond to conflict biblically. Since then they have developed educational resources, seminars, and conciliation training to help Christians learn how to serve God as peacemakers in the conflicts they encounter in everyday life. They also provide conflict coaching, mediation, and arbitration services to help resolve personal conflicts, business disputes, church and ministry divisions, and even complicated lawsuits. Another Christian site containing biblical and other resources concerned with conflict resolution.
Professional Mediation Association (The) The Professional Mediation Association's mission is to advocate, facilitate, encourage, and provide coordination for the development of programmes incorporating ADR and mediation as the preferred means of dispute resolution.
Resolution Systems Institute Assists courts in Illinois to make the most efficient and effective use of alternative dispute resolution systems. Formerly Center for Analysis of ADR Systems.
RSI's Court ADR Resource Center Access to a wide range of ADR resources maintained by the Resolution Systems Institute
Shollem Shollem, the Center for Arbitration and Mediation of Israelis in New York, was founded in 2004, to provide the Israeli community in New York with non-judicial tools to deal with resolution of disputes. The centre brings together professional Israeli arbitrators, mediators and Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) providers and facilitates the resolution of disputes outside-of-court between members of the community in either Hebrew or English.

Society of Maritime Arbitrators

Society of Maritime Arbitrators Inc, New York New York has a substantial maritime arbitration business and in addition to arbitration, the SMA offers conciliation as an alternative means to resolve disputes. Following the UNCITRAL Conciliation Rules.

US Office of Special Counsel

The US Office of Special Counsel (OSC) offers alternative dispute resolution to resolve selected prohibited personnel practice complaints. The OSC primarily uses mediation to provide parties the opportunity to resolve an OSC complaint without the need for a lengthy investigation or costly litigation.

Wayne State University

Offers a Master of Arts in Dispute Resolution (MADR)